We live in a time when for some business giants, education has turned up as a good medium to earn a fortune. In an attempt to maximize the annual turnover, most of the institutes’ management today don’t think twice to increase the intake capacity. But what is the saddest part here is the failure of maintaining a considerate student-teacher ratio, resulted which students have to suffer a lot. The ways how sustaining a low student-teacher ratio is going to help the overall growth process of the students are many. Here we will discuss regarding few of the benefits:

Individualized Attention: The first and foremost reason why the ratio factor should be kept in mind is indeed this. Every student differs from each other, whether it is in terms of interest or learning capabilities, hence providing an individualized education will undoubtedly help them to learn better. Fewer students let the teachers have more manageable workloads and more time to work one-on-one with students; they can engage them more, try out different activities and lessons that might not be feasible in a larger class size.  https://www.bestmyprice.com/

Participation of Students: There are chances in large classes that the shy proportion of students might tend to hide conveniently from participating actively in the class. Only the first-benchers gets all the care and attention and the last benchers by default remain left out owing to which they mostly perform poor in academics. The class gets classified into two parts, which significantly brings a clash among students. In a class of few students, the learners may feel more accountable or more comfortable participating in class discussions — and this greater degree of accountability can certainly lead to better grades and higher achievement.

Strong Student-Teacher Relationship: It’s a well-proven aspect; over the years that fewer the students in a class the better chance that the teacher eventually develops strong relationships with each student. Opportunities like a direct dialogue with teachers, understand teacher’s perspective and get involved deeply in the teaching-learning process are some of the perks that the students are subjected to enjoy in low student-teacher ratio setting.

Socialization Opportunities: Building a relationship with the fellow classmate is an essential part of the educational process. In a small class size where there are less number of students, the ability to mix-up and socialize intensifies. This quality will further assist the students in emerging as a tolerant and adaptable human being in future apart from enabling them to handle any given situation and be gentle with people from all walks of life.

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