You have been told there are people that make money selling products online. Huge amounts of the green stuff. You do not want millions of dollars, you just want to earn enough to pay the bills, maybe take a vacation or retire a few years early.

Well it is true. There are folks making boat loads of cash so you can definitely make money selling products online! The key is to learn how to do it and when you learn how easy it really is you will be kicking yourself!

I would like to qualify that last statement because I do not want to mislead you. This will not happen overnight. However, with time, effort and consistency you will be living the life of your dreams, however big they may be. You will be able to make money selling products online like hotcakes! If it sounds interesting read on. I will explain exactly what you need to do.

#1 Find An Audience

The first step is to find an audience or a niche. Choose one that you love because it is easier to sell something that we feel passionate about. Be certain that it has low competition but a sufficient number of searches. This can be done by using keyword tools.

#2 Choose A Product For Your Audience

Once a niche has been decided proceed to choose a product to market. You can start off with places such as ClickBank and Commission Junction. Lots of folks begin here to make money selling products online. If you can not find what you are looking for there, you can do an affiliate program search on one of the search engines.

#3 Start Marketing

Start marketing using articles or pay per click advertising. Article marketing is free but takes time. The second method is initially more costly but is also more efficient. If it is your first time to make money selling products online or you are on a tight budget I would highly recommend the former. Once you are earning some cash, you can change to the latter.

#4 Optimization

You will eventually need to have a blog or website of your own. Your articles will need to be optimized as well as your blog or website. There are special techniques for doing this that are not difficult to learn.

#5 Do More of The Same

By this stage you will understand how to make money selling products online and it will just be a matter of cranking up your output until the sales begin coming in. I have somewhat simplified the process here. There are many other details that factor into the success formula.

In order to make money selling products online you will need to learn from a coach, mentor, mastermind group or a training facility. Like anything worthwhile in life it takes time to learn. However, I can assure you with the right guidance and a strong work ethic you can achieve the financial freedom you seek.

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