Uncovering The Connection Between The World Within And The World Without

Thinking people have already written and taught that there are natural laws that govern us. Much as the physical properties of gravity and the physical properties of electricity are revealed to us through scientific experimentation, similarly, laws of the mind can also be revealed scientifically. https://twupro.com/

Many authors have claimed that their writings about how our minds work are based upon scientific research. This may be questionable. However, there are many anecdotes and true accounts that point to forces at work which behave repeatedly in the same way when the same conditions are applied.

We all know that no matter how often you let go of an object – no matter which object or how heavy it is – it will always fall in the direction of the earth. Similarly, whenever we apply necessary conditions to our minds – whenever we focus our thinking on something, and couple our thoughts with emotions and actions – we always attract events that are associated with the objects of our thinking.


A classic example of a mind “phenomenon”: One time I was in need of a job. It was the only thing that I thought about. Coincidentally, (or perhaps not by coincidence) a friend of mine received a call from a friend of hers. She told me, off-handedly of a position that was open, I called her friend and got the job.

Now my friend did not know I was looking for a job. Yet my name came to her mind when her friend told her of the position. Somehow, in some mysterious way, my problem was solved without my doing much more than focusing on a need.

Self-styled mind-skills teachers would say that I had experienced synchronicity. That what I was focusing on attracted answers to my questions, so to speak.

Writers and teachers of personal development refer to this as “The Law Of Attraction.” In actuality, the law of attraction is only one natural – or universal – law. It must work in combination with other universal properties of the mind. (The Law of Vibrations is one that has been identified.)


There are numerous accounts of people achieving great things and having miraculous results after applying the laws of the mind to their own needs. In many cases, the people were not aware that they were using the law of attraction (as was my case above) or the law of vibrations.

Just as we rely on gravity to always work whether we are aware of it or not, we also constantly use our minds and the laws that govern our minds to manifest the outcomes that we experience in our daily lives. This happens whether we are aware of the natural laws or not.

The advantage of being aware of the laws of the mind, and how they operate, is that we can knowingly apply the laws to determine outcomes. As an analogy, the properties of electricity have always existed. However, it was not until people understood these laws that they discovered ways to harness electricity and use it for beneficial purposes.

The laws that govern the mind have always existed. When we understand these laws we should be able to apply our knowledge to manifesting outcomes of our choosing.

If this is the case, a person who knows the laws of the mind and has gained skills in applying these laws has enormous control over his or her life. To harness the forces that govern our minds is to direct what happens in our lives.

Today there is much information, some good and some not so useful. And there are many different methods of applying the laws of the mind. The ultimate goal is to find effective methods, to dynamically affect the way we interact with the world without, and create productive and meaningful lives.

Keep a smile on your face and a dance in your feet.


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