Alka-zone alkaline water systems provide minerals that are odorless, colorless, and the most important is tasteless. It is a drop that can be put into your water. Depending on the volume of the drop, normally, 3 to 4 drops are enough to increase the pH from 7 to above 8. When the water is alkaline enough just like what you want, you could simply drink it. It can buffer acidic condition resulted from metabolism reaction inside the body.

Generally, alkazone water system is produced from organic potassium elements. Several examples of the potassium are potassium lactate, potassium bicarbonate, and other trace minerals from marine sediments in the form of amino acid structure for optimum absorption. Alka-zone alkaline water systems are not complex system. There are several systems that are made compact that are suitable for travelers.

Alka zone made water is very safe for drinking. It acts just like other alkaline water. The pH balance resulted from the reaction between the water with the system inside us will benefit our overall health. Other alternative that you may want to try is to add baking soda. However baking soda will only raise the pH but it will not give you a good taste.

Another much better alternative is to make your own alkaline ionized water. The water is so much powerful. It has three main benefits, first acts to balance the pH just like what ordinary alkaline water does. Second, it will help you get rid of any unwanted toxic substances. Third, since it contains free radicals, it acts as your anti-oxidant soldiers and good for anti-aging process.

Alka-zone alkaline water systems are good for those who want to achieve a better condition. However, moving forward to better water like alkaline ionized water is much advised.

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